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Screen for trade ideas using seven options strategies and get trade ideas to fit your profile

Select "Choose Option Strategy" in the menu above to begin your screen

Multi Strategy Options Screener

Screen for Covered Calls, Sold Puts, Diagonal & Vertical Spreads, Iron Condor and Weekly Options trade ideas

  • Strategy
  • Covered Calls

  • Cash Covered Puts

  • Bullish Diagonal Spreads

  • Bearish Diagonal Spreads

  • Bullish Vertical Spreads

  • Bearish Vertical Spreads

  • Iron Condors

Bullish or Bearish Options Strategies

  • Weekly Options on all strategies
  • Covered Call: Conservative income producing
  • Cash Covered Puts: Income producing, no stock purchase
  • Diagonal Spread: Lower capital requirement
  • Vertical Spreads: High reward on lowest capital
  • Iron Condors: Large return on range-bound stocks

Options Trade Screener

  • Search by trade symbol (ticker)
  • Screen by selecting your criteria 
  • Criteria: 3 Profit, 5 Risk, Sector/Industry, Duration
  • Save your screens for future searches 
  • Get three Featured Trades every day
  • Get three Personalized Trades every day

TIG Search BAR

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Search for a Trade Idea

Two ways to search for Options Trade Ideas:

  • Enter a ticker symbol for any stock  
  • Use screener to find trade ideas  

Options Screener

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Options Screener

Create and save your own screens.  Select from: 

  • Up to seven options strategies
  • Screen for weekly or monthly expirations
  • Three Profit Criteria
  • Six Risk Management Criteria
  • Sector and Industry Screens

Trade Screener Results

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Trade Sreener Results

Screens will show all vital aspects of each idea

  • Target profit and amount at risk
  • Downside protection
  • Days to expiration
  • Assigned and annualized return rate
  • Proprietary SSR scores and Key ratings
  • Dividends and more
  • Too many or too few results? Adjust criteria!

Individual Trade Page

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Individual Trade Page

Click any ticker to see Individual Trade Page: 

  • Compare trades on up to seven different strategies.
  • Completely Interactive Chart
  • Vital pricing and historic information on stock
  • Newsfeed for all news on the company
  • Print button formatted to 8.5 x 11 printable report

Enhanced Options Chains

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Enhanced Options Chains

TIG's proprietary Enhanced Options Chains display:

  • The cost, target return and downside protection
  • All relevant numbers for a new Covered Call or Diagonal Spread trade
  • Color coded for easy location of the optimal trades.

InvestorsObserver has given me the ability to provide for my children

“InvestorsObserver has given me the ability to provide for my children, grandchildren, and church with the money I have made in options.”

John M, Seattle, Washington

I use it a lot and enjoy the selections and the profits!

“I use it a lot and enjoy the selections and the profits!”

Ralph R., Poland, Ohio

I have had great response to my questions

“I have had great response to my questions from IO Support for educational purposes and the trades have worked since subscribing.”

Phil P., Silver Spring, MD